Peanut butter and honey in space

I just watched a video of a Canadian astronaut making and eating a peanut butter and honey sandwich in the weightless atmosphere of the International Space station.  Out came the airtight wrapped tortilla (with an 18 month shelf life), spread with peanut butter stored safely in space in a plastic pouch.  The pouch needed to be snipped open with a space scissors, the scissors remained tethered to the wall with a ribbon. The honey came out of a typical plastic bear container, squeezed from the tip of his head.  The tortilla was folded in half, and eaten happily by the hungry astronaut.  No regular bread, crumbs would defy gravity and float everywhere.

crunchy? smooth?  It doesn’t matter.  Peanut butter has shown itself to be ultimate convenience food.  Tens of thousands of miles, and months away from earth, peanut butter provides protein, and an undeniable sense of home.

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